Designs & Templates

Ready-made templates are available INSTANTLY after you have finished the checkout. 

Corjl templates will be available within 5-10 mins of the successful checkout completion (you will receive an email from Corjl to the address used for your account)

Custom orders take longer depending on communication and will be discussed during the design process.

These templates are designed to give you a place to start (nothing worse than staring at a blank design and trying to figure out what to create). We offer a large range of colors and textures so that while the basic design is the same, the look and feels are very different. Plus once you add your own pictures, logo, color palette, and brand message, it takes on a very different mood. 

If you do want something original, we offer custom work.

The design will not cost any extra unless you request custom changes or if you need to purchase to use for your clients. 

Other costs may include printing or if you use Canvo pro features to animate or edit your templates (none of these are included in the templates) 

Please note: Logo templates are limited to 20 downloads.

No. We are based in Australia and it would not be cost-effective for your business for us to print. We do have a list of printing services included in the download PDF to help you once you have edited your design.

Not a problem. Simply purchase a color change listing (not both listings) and send a message with the link to the design you would like to change and your brand colors.

Yes! We are working on creating more designs on a regular basis. If the is something in particular you need, please send us a message (we have a backlog of designs we have not put on sale yet and we might have what you need)

It is good to get your marketing and branding designs ready to go by the time your stock comes in so you can start selling right away. As long as you have the right dimensions for your needs, you can use the templates to set up your business while you wait for your stock to arrive.

Any premade designs are available immediately after the checkout is complete. 

If you have ordered a color change or a custom design, these will be ready within the timeframe stated in the listing. When in doubt, please send a message.

No. You can ONLY use this template within your personal business. It is NOT TO BE shared, given away, resold or used for your clients.

Editing Designs

Yes. If they are Canva templates, you will need a Canva account (a free one will work) and if they are Corjl templates, you will need a Corjl account which is free.

No. Whenever possible the templates use images, fonts and other assets that allow you to use the free version of Canva to edit and download (We do love all the extras of the pro version)

No. We have done the heavy lifting of designing the templates so all you need to do is edit the text and add your own pics. We have a YouTube channel with new tutorials on how to use Canva to make these templates work in your business.

Yes. The designs a kept quite basic and edible so you can easily replace the words and pics to suit your industry. They are made to be a starting point for you to customize for your business, NOT a full design. If you would like something custom designs please contact us.

Yes! The solid colors are all editable in Canva.

Yes, we offer a done for your service at an extra cost due to the time involved. Simply send us a message for a quote.

No. They are set to never expire. You have access to them as long as we have them available. 

If you use the templates as is, No. 

If you wish to edit the metallic or textured text you will need either one of our Corjl or PS templates. (Unfortunately Canva does not offer text masking at this point in time)

We highly recommend you make changes to the templates to match your business. These include added your own photos, using your brand colors and adding your logo.

To use these templates for client work you will need to purchase a template on behalf of EACH client who wishes to use them. 

(We purchase a licence to all the graphics we use. By using these for your clients, you are not only breaking copyright for my products but also for each designer who created the images used within the templates)

Returns and exchanges

Due to the nature of this product we CAN NOT refund or exchange your purchase once it has been downloaded.

We do however run regular sales and endevour to price our products at affordable rates so you can rebrand again.

Due to the nature of this product we CAN NOT refund or exchange your purchase once shows it has been downloaded in our seller account.

This happens from time to time. ONLY IF it shows that your order has not been downloaded or accessed, we are able to cancel your order?

Rewards Program

YES! Once you have signed up for the rewards program simply send us a message on our store with your Etsy order number(s) and we will add your point to your account.

Website Design

Yes. The web kits are just graphic templates and can be used on any website as regular graphics. They made need resizing which is easy to do in Canva using their resize tools.

That is because the Web Kits are graphic packs NOT a Shopify template. They can be easily added to Shopify as normal pictures. If you need instructions on how to do this please send a message and we give them to you.

Setting up a website can be a big complicated task if you have no experience. We offer instructions on how add the graphics to your site, however, if you need it done for you please contact us and ask about our website building services.